Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The Playoff bracket for this years Shiva Bonjella NFL CSA winner has now been been set.  One lucky winner will pick up the prestigious trophy (pictured above) and the rest will have to spend the year longing for the day that they too may lift the trophy they all want.

The top four players enter the race for the Shiva Bonjella and the bottom four enter the race to avoid having to take home the horrible, "Mallon Ibrahimovic Trophy".

The Shiva Bonjella contenders are as follows:

1) Jimbo "The Bimbo" McAdam

 Bimbo on a recent holiday

2) Stevie "Moog FC" Moore

Stevie in the number 9 shirt warming up before a recent game for Chimney Corner

 3) Colin "Right Said Pinky" Pinkerton

Pinky on a recent trip to an Italian restaurant

4) Stevie's Mate aka The Phantom Fantasist

I can't confirm or deny if this is Stevie's mate as even Stevie doesn't know him

The Draw is as follows:

Jimbo "The Bimbo" McAdam (1) vs Stevie's Mate aka The Phantom Fantasist (4)
Stevie "Moog FC" Moore (2) vs Colin "Right Said Pinky" Pinkerton (3)

Ties are to be played between Thursday 13th December and Monday 17th December


This trophy will be awarded to the worst player in this years NFL CSA Fantasy League.  The trophy has been so named, as a tribute to two shite human beings, Paul Mallon and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  The contenders are as follows:

5) Paul "Cerebal" Malsy

Malsy being an ugly, hateful gobshite as usual

6) Gerry "The Blogger" Johnston

The Blogger doing last weeks Power Rankings

7) Eddie "CSI" McMullan

The CSA's very own crime fighter solving another murder.

8) Pearse "The Cunt" McCurdy

Pure Cunt

The fixtures for the Mallon Ibrahimovic Trophy are as follows:

Paul "Cerbal" Malsy (5) vs Pearse "The Cunt" McCurdy (8) 
Gerry "The Blogger" Johnston (6) vs Eddie "CSI" McMullan (7)

Ties are to be played between Thursday 13th December and Monday 17th December

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