Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday Night Football

I'm doing my preview for week 2 but I'm not going to have it finished so just thought i'd post tonight's game so far.  The rest to follow tomorrow or Saturday...

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

This game looks like being an absolute cracker.  The Bears will look to take advantage of a Green Bay defense that struggled against the 49ers.  The Bears offense looks good this year.  Brandan Marshall will always be a huge threat and the addition of Michael Bush to a running attack that already included Matt Forte makes the Bears a dangerous opponent.  The Packers will need to find some support for Aaron Rodgers.  Their running attack was virtually non-existent against the 49ers and they won't find it any easier against the Bears.  This game hangs on their ability to get some yards on the ground.  If the Packers can keep the Bears defense honest by picking up yards on the ground then it will make Aaron Rodgers job easier, if the Bears are able to restrict the running game, then I think they win the game.

Prediction - I think the Bears will edge this one as I don't think the Packers have enough on the ground or in defense to win the game.

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